Dara Shop

Dara Shop
Dara Shop is a 100% chemical-free soap and body oils with pure essential oils and organic herbs that leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and radiantly healthy, Located in Amman Jordan.

#صنعت_بحب :
شعارنا هذا ينطبق على صناعة كافة منتجاتنا والمصنوعه من افضل المواد و الزيوت الطبيعيه 100% لنضمن لكم اعلى المواصفات و افضل النتائج المرجوه عند الاستخدام .
*فترة انتاج الصابون تتجاوز الشهرين لخلوها من المجففات الصناعيه .

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Soaps Gift Set from Dara shop
JOD 34
Foot & Body care package by Dara Shop
JOD 35
Coconut Oil & Soaps package by Dara shop
JOD 49
Indulge in the epitome of elegance with our Luxurious Rose Bouquet paired with a premium skin care set.
JOD 71
Nature's Embrace Gift Set
JOD 88
Dara Shop Skincare
JOD 47
Dara Shop Skincare package 2
JOD 47
Body and Hair Soaps by Dara Shop
JOD 59
Dara Shop Skincare Package 3
JOD 57
Jasmine Skincare by Dara Shop
JOD 36
plant and skin care package amman jordan gifts
JOD 56
Mixed flowers & Dara Shop Home Diffuser
JOD 54
Anthurium plant & Dara Energizing Cream
JOD 69
White Lilies bouquet & Dara Shop Package 3
JOD 61
Pink Bouquet & Dara Candle Set
JOD 70
Kalanchoe plant & Dara Skin Care products
JOD 89
Red Garbera & Dara Skin Care products
JOD 85
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